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  My Organizations
Here is where I will discuss my Organization stuff -- whjatever that might be.

daily link  Sunday, May 19, 2002

VeriSign focuses on managed security services. PKI, SSL, DNS and other TLAs [The Register10:04:54 PM  permalink  Comment []  

daily link  Monday, May 06, 2002

This News.Com piece is right on-topic for today's DaveNet. The reporter surveys BigCo's to find out if they have anything as concrete as the Google API to offer, and draws a blank. Yet there are two directories here and here, containing concrete examples of web services, some of which have more utility than the current Google API, which is a good tease, but to be truly interesting, must have follow-through.  [Scripting News10:02:29 AM  permalink  Comment []  

daily link  Thursday, April 18, 2002

All Bush, all the time. Democrats are complaining that cable networks are covering the president's every move as breaking news. The problem is even worse than they think. [Salon.com10:50:54 PM  permalink  Comment []  

Brain Drain in Technology Found Useful for Both Sides. A survey seeks to illuminate the complex labor ties between Silicon Valley and East Asia a relationship that has been criticized as disproportionately benefiting the United States. By Matt Richtel. [New York Times: Business10:43:41 PM  permalink  Comment []  

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