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Doc Martin's Blog: Stream of Thought

Friday, September 05, 2003
> Aggregator as hub.
Intranet aggregators. I spent most of the week visiting small and large companies. The more I talk with "real people working in real companies" (meaning: not nerds spending their whole days hacking), the more convinced I am that a news aggregator is the ideal center for any Intranet.

The basic idea is merge to the same server contents coming from:

  • internal sources (accounting, trouble ticketing, exiting document management applications, other data bases: we should be able to get a feed from any internal app)
  • k-logs (every member of the group has one)
  • external news sources (general news, weblogs, specialized sources, scraped pages)

The output of the aggregator should be both html that people can browser with their browser and more feeds which could end up in personal aggregators or funneled in other applications.

Centralized aggregators should not necessarily mean that every user has to read all feeds. There should be both the kind of personalization allowed by personal aggregators (deciding which feeds to subscribe to) but also added vaue services that would allow users to discover additional sources of information and anyway give different relevance to different kind of information snippets that are displayed on the page.

Paolo has put it succinctly. The aggregator becomes the organisational hub gathering information from all sources and using personalisation and intelligence to filter & recombine information in useful ways before presenting it either as views or as feeds for other consumers.
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I am interested in many things, not all that can be covered here! My philosophy might be thought of as "distilling the essence of culture and creating meaningful institutions". I (Martin Hall) am the founder and director of Systems, Value & Organizations, as well as a resarcher, consultant, and mentor. My background is varied being interested in creating a more effective world and creating meaningful institutions for the people that live in it. I believe that better understanding of values and culture, along with understanding of how the systems in the world affect us are central tools to this mission. He is a technologist, researcher, writer, educator, husband, father, friend, mentor and mentee. I like wine, travel, blogging, writing (other than blogging), food, etc. My family includes my wife (Carol), my three kids (boy (Grant), and twin girls (Paige & Rachel)) and two dogs (Buster & Brownie). For a more in depth look at my background, here is my resume. Here is a list of some of my publications. You can send me an e-mail at: martin@sysval.org.

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